3.25. Don’t underestimate girlfriends or wives

Many women involved in Linux or computing are also dating or married to men with similar interests. Many people then assume that the woman is only interested in Linux because her boyfriend or husband is. Women are sometimes introduced to Linux through a boyfriend (which shouldn’t make their interest less valid or less important). More often, women become interested in Linux or computing, start making friends and meeting people in the field, and because there are so few women in the field, we unsurprisingly often have little difficulty finding a person to date in the same field. Don’t conclude that because most women in Linux are dating or married to someone also involved in Linux, that women are only interested in Linux because of that relationship. For many women, interest in Linux predates her current relationship. I personally became interested in Linux while I was dating an English major who wouldn’t know an operating system if it walked up and bit him.

One of the LinuxChix reports that her first invitation to speak at a conference was as a member of a panel entitled “Wives of Hackers.” The prominent open source celebrity who suggested the panel didn’t understand why she was insulted. After all, her own work in open source was apparently insignificant compared to being the wife of a famous kernel hacker.

Ref : http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/x168.html#AEN240

Tety setuju tulisan itu .. meskipun terus terang, tety seneng banget bisa belajar banyak dan diskusi setiap saat sama suami tercinta tentang linux dan sekitarnya… tengkyu mas … jazakallah…
Tapi waktu tety ketemu Niken, temenku belajar CCNA dulu.. dan baca-baca milis indocisco…. tety pengen belajar networking kayak dulu lagi…
But, seperti kata mas Wowok ” Jangan mencoba jadi a computer superman yang menguasai semuanya, kuasai 1 bidang dan pelajari sekitarnya… “

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  1. su91 says:

    bener juga nih meski terus berusaha, siapapun tidak akan bisa nguasai semuanya. Sebaiknya fokus aja ke satu bidang ya ..!!???

    jangan kyk aye, 1 bidang blom selsai dah ditinggal coba yg lain, gitu seterusnya

    n akhirnya ??? Gini deh, gak terfokus sama sekali


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