I hate people who addicted to drugs.. very.. very ashamed !, altough I do have friends who addicted since junior high school until now. Well.. at least I told him to stop and go to rehabilitation, ex : drug rehab, drug treatment, and alcoholism rehab center for better future. He is like a crazy guy, his face.. his eye.. his body.. never in a fresh condition. He doesn’t realize what he said, very emotional person. He said “hey.. take a look my hands.. cool ha ?”.. What is the cool things ? His hands has a lot of cutlet for drugs. Disgusting. He never thinking about his future.. what happen if he using drugs everyday ? DEATH.

But, I really like people who addicted to computer, like my beloved husband. Every single day never far away from computer and internet. And we always discuss about that.. I enjoy it.. because, I am an internet addicted too.. he he he he he

Another addiction is “game”, online or not. I can’t understand why people like game very much until they fotgot for eating, taking a bath, even sleeping. They wake up, turn on the computer, playing game and chatting all day long . For me game just for fun, wasting my time, and I don’t really like game so much. It’s bored.

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  1. Jeni says:

    I was addicted to computer also and I like to talk about that, but mostly someone who addicted to a computer is a boy. Hmmm…sometimes I just look around, is there any Girls out there 🙁 ….

    Mbak Tety…may I link your blog ?

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