At the end of 2007, we established the Indonesian Linux Women Group which is called KLUWEK. It is stand for Kelompok LinUx CeWEK Indonesia. Here is our site (http://kluwek.linux.or.id). Starting with 3 young women, we have 80 members now that are spread out across all Indonesian locations.

Last month (April), we organized our first seminar which joined with President University. It was a really great seminar, there were 740 participants. We introduced basic Linux and performed our Indonesia distro (BlangKon). Following this seminar, we will also conduct a HRP Ubuntu 8.04 party in Jogjakarta city on May 17th. The Minister of Research and Technology Indonesia gave a great warm welcome to Kluwek. They also invited us to participate in IGOS Summit 2 as participanta and an organizer committee.

Meanwhile, Kluwek also got involved in several Linux Roadshow events which are held by OSS organizations, namely YPLI, Id-Ubuntu and YAP. Those events emphasize Linux for Education. We spread out Linux in School since that’s the best and earliest time that somebody gets to know computers, especially operating systems.

Although it is a new organization, we have several wish lists to encourage Indonesia women in OSS. It has made a great impression and it will be a phenomenal organzation in the IT Indonesian community, especially the OSS community. Hopefully it will be the best place for Indonesian Women to express their OSS ideas.

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