for about 3 months, i am not using linux on my pc. I use windows for some reason.
even i am using windows, i am always and always install open source software for example NVU, GIMP, and now WAMP.
I realize that i am not good enough in design, but my friend ask me to make her website about photography and video shooting business. Hmm… maybe God want me learn about design and making good website.

I need php, mysql and also apache running on my windows, because i want to use another free cms, joomla.
you can download wamp here
and run .exe file, just click next-next-next stuff.

WampServer 2.0 [11/21/2007]
Includes :
– Apache 2.2.6
– PHP 5.2.5 + PECL
– SQLitemanager
– MySQL 5.0.45
– Phpmyadmin

very simple way isn’t it ?

And now donwload joomla, extraxt into your c:\wamp\www\web1. Run your wamp, and you’ll get wamp icon on your right toolbar. Click that icon and choose start all services.
Open your browser, write http://localhost/web1/installation/index.php, you can see that “pre-installation check” here. And we got this warning :

PHP magic_quotes_gpc setting is `OFF` instead of `ON`

How to activate this setting ? simple, just click wmap icon on your toolbar >> php >> php setting >> magic_quotes_gpc
restart your browser, and we now full fill all requirement for using joomla..

have a nice designing a web with joomla !

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  1. How come you become Windows User !!!!

    no no …..

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